Top Gift Ideas For Kids (& Parents)

Age 0     John Legend Rockstar Musical Pillow
               Because who doesn't want to listen to one of the greatest hits of all time

Age 1     Rotary Dial Telephone
               For parents to say “When I Was Your Age ….”

Age 2     Penguin’s Gelato Truck
               For their first set of words to include Cioccolato, Fragola and Bacio

Age 3     Pizza Chef Set
               Some coal fired home made pizza for pizza night

Age 4     Let There Be Light Flashlight
               Not too bright flashlight for the fort they just made

Age 5     Lite Box LED Blox
               Because yes, we need our blocks to light up

Age 6     Architectural Build Beach Hut
               For the serious builders

Age 7     Imagine Ink Story
               Because we definitely want to hear their version of “Once Upon A Time ….”