5 Mom-Friendly Gifts for Kids

The toy invasion is an inevitable phenomenon that occurs when you become a parent. It grows exponentially from birthdays and holidays from well-meaning family members and friends, causing parents to learn new skills: The intuitive sidestep to avoid stepping on pokey Legos, enduring resilience in putting away toys to lessen the chaos and the no calorie burning act of bending down to pick up crayons, stickers, doll clothing and more Legos.

So, if you are a grandparent, aunt, uncle or friend looking to shower a child with a gift, here are five ideas that make life a little easier for the mom.

1. For the mom who is always tidying up

The Tune In For Tea Musical Tea Set

This set comes with a roomy carry case to store the plates and cups neatly away in the playroom. It also includes a musical tea pot that makes teatime truly magical.


 2. For the mom who just wants 15 minutes of quiet

The Waffle Block Builder

These soft touch blocks are easy to put together, making it the perfect building toy for kids who don’t quite have the motor skills for Legos. Which means that kids stay engaged as they build different shapes and objects again and again.

 3. For the mom who wishes she could avoid plastic

Let There Be Light Flashlight

This flashlight is made from wood sustainably sourced for a local forest in Budapest, where it is made. Easy to operate and thoughtfully designed to fit small hands and be easy on the eyes, it is the perfect companion for secret missions and adventures for young explorers.

  4. For the mom who wants a well-decorated home

 The Castle Pillow Play Set

This plush pillow set not only makes a kid’s room look well designed but also serves as a playset for a world of fairy tales. 


 5. For the mom whose Spotify play list is messed up from lullaby music

The Freddie Mercury Rockstar Musical Pillow

What a better way to introduce the modern classics to a little one! An alternative to Beethoven or Bach, this Freddie Mercury pillow plays a soothing version of "We Are the Champions" that mom and dad won’t mind listening too.


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