Toys That Celebrate Inclusion and Gender Diversity

Toys play a significant role in shaping a child's understanding of the world and their place within it. By offering toys that celebrate inclusion and challenge traditional gender stereotypes, we can empower children to embrace their unique identities and develop empathy for others.

1. Rainbow Yoga Joes

These multi-color spectrum of yoga Joe figures not only challenge stereotypes but also celebrate the diversity, discipline and mindfulness of soldiers. 


  2. Diverse Friends Magnetic Building Doll Set

These 16 mix-and-match magnetic blocks create endless possibilities for one-of-a-kind characters and myriad family representations representing the diverse community that we live in.





 3. Kiboo Color Me Doll

Designed to be gender neutral, it can be personalized with different hair styles, clothing and colors so that kids can create a doll that they truly identify with.






4. Faces Art Pack

For every person in every place, upon their body sits a unique face. Let's celebrate this signature look by drawing portraits and decorating a lil' book...and more!






5. Freddie Mercury Rockstar Musical Pillow

This iconic rockstar is an artistic musical pillow that introduces the classics to your little one - Not the usual lullaby for the rock classic of Freddie Mercury. Listen to We Are the Champions as your little one gets ready to sleep.